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Meet Mrs. Yanique A. Moodie​

My name is Yanique Antoinette Dalley-Moodie that is who I am legally and spiritually. I am a 26 year old woman with a zeal and joy to be a child of the Most High, Jesus Christ. I was born to a mother and father who had never been married, I was raised God fearing and would frequently be sent to stay with my grandmother, Ms. Dar who resided in the ghetto. Although I originally grew up in quiet and residential area. You can only imagine the change of life styles, coming from an built in bathroom, wall structure, cable TV, several computers and now having to take a bath outside, no TV, a wooden structured house and by far the worst of it all I was subjected to carry water from a small stand pipe, a little distance from my house.

For me, my life story truly started at age 8 when my mother, not getting the support from my father had to migrate to the United States of America to support me, her only child. I can vividly recall one day after my mother gave me her last $250 JA to attend school she turn around and began to cry. Picking up on my mother's pain at the time, I turned around and asked, "are you okay?", she hung her head, mustered a smile and said, "yes." My intuition told me otherwise. I gave her back $150 of the $250 and told her to buy something to eat, at age 8 I carried the weight of my mother's pain, my mother was moved by my gesture and she began to cry.

That was when I realized that despite the vanity around, things were far from being perfect!

A few months later, I has a rude awakening! My mother who I thought would never leave me, was going to the United States to stay 9 months in each year so she could work to support me and the rest of our family. My heart melted and my reaction was, "not again Lord!"

My mother started to travel and I was sent to live in the ghetto's of Barrack Road with my grandmother. I was one of the many grandchildren that my grandmother had taken over the years. At the time I was staying there, one of my paternal cousins (male) was also there. Through the years I surmise that my cousin would verbally, physically and sexually abuse me because of how favored I was and things were not the same for him.

For years, I was broken, afraid and ashamed of who and what I had became, I segregated myself from many, I was not trusting and I locked my emotions away and swept the once friendly me under the rug. I felt sometimes like a person in several mask. Having to act through the hurt, not knowing where or who to turn to, I tried God, I prayed, I wrote letters and I did so years upon years while I struggled with the many internal battles I faced.

It took me 11 years for me to first share any of this information with any one.

After a string of really bad ordeals, I met a guy, I got pregnant right at the point when I escaped my cousin and started college (my one ticket to a better education). My child's father would physically abuse me as though I was a disobedient and disorderly child.

Once more, I found myself writing letters to my God, crying out in desperation for His unchanging hands to rescue me from what seemed to be a life or turmoil. The cycle continued because at the time I was so much more concerned about getting a life partner that can please my flesh and I didn't even realize that I had a spirit that was more important that my flesh.

I kept going from one man to the other, as relationship after failed.

I met my husband, Marvin about 6 years ago at a call center here in Montego Bay. We had been working together for some time, however, years had passed and we lost contact. When I felt as though I was about to give up would hurt me, lie to me, abuse me and I in turn lost my self value.

I re-met Marvin after a few years and he tried to persuade me to have a relationship with him. At that time, I gave up on men, I gave up on God because I could not see how God would allow me to be going through such a terrible string of bad events. I now smoked, drank and pierced and tattooed almost every part of my body that could be pierced. I really gave up on God but He did not give up on me. I only prayed because Marvin would force me to pray.

Years passed and I began to develop a stomach issue, "GERD" and I was feeling so close to death. There was a constant message from Marvin's aunt, "come for your heritage at The Church of Jesus Christ." I went there and I gave in on April 17, 2016. Without even telling Marvin, I got baptized and gave my life to God. I decided to try and answer the call that Has been echoing for many years.

I move out to live with his aunt as advised by my Pastor because I decided that I am no longer perusing man but God. For month I struggled, my relationship was over, I had no friends and I felt as though I was starting all over again. I prayed, I cried and I was in a place of hurt one more time.

But this time there was a shift in the spirit realm and I could feel it, I just knew that if I held on though difficult, God would come through this time for me.

I devoted myself to my church, I became all in and I made a conscious effort to change and be a better version of me daily according to the teaches of the scriptures, I started to pray and have fellowship daily with God and I started to even fast! Yes even with stomach problem- God made a way, I did it for 2 hours, 3 hours until God strengthen the weaken body and He restored the years sin had eaten away from me.

One night I was at church, Wednesday- Women's Service. I was praying, crying and just lifting up God, while I hear my pastor say a young man is here to be baptized. He said that the young man was given a word by God, "Young man I call on you for you are strong, " 1 John 2:14.

It was my boyfriend. I was shocked!

I had almost given up hope but God came through but months of fasting, praying and just saying God whatever you choose, I will do...I will follow. I will tell you this, it is not easy to give away what you love or what you think you can't live without BUT GOD, let me say that again, BUT GOD.

I will say this, It you are living for may be struggling and God says let go and you are like if I let go I will fall but if you trust God and I mean really trust Him, then you can let go and know He will always be there to catch you even if you fall and get hurt, He can heal you, restore you if you are destroyed, bring you back to life like Lazarus if you die. Then you can let go and God will take you through and restore to you the years that the canker worms and palmer worms have destroyed. Just trust Him, won't you?

Marvin and I were still not together but I prayed and I said God if he is mine, let him come back the right way...let him come to my pastor for my hand in marriage and God give me confirmation, let my pastor approve in the spirit our joining together so by being together we may give honor and glory to your name. I tell you that when I prayed this prayer, I spoke in my heart only but exactly as I asked, I received and we went into counselling a 6 months later, we were married.

Marvin now is a constantly used for the ministry and I am as well. We function in our roles collectively and individually at the Church of Jesus Christ.

This is a portion of my testimony to show both believers and non believers alike that if God did it for me, He can certainly do it for you.

He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I finish with this scripture, Hebrews 11:1, " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." If you cannot see the thing, not know the reason for it happening but trust God that He will and He is intentional in His purpose for everything that He allows to happen to you and for you, the good, the bad and the will see the impossible become possible.

To Jesus Christ be the honor, the glory, my life's book is still being written by Him.....

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

-John 15:13